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The Day I Stopped Hating Money

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The Day I Stopped Hating Money

I had all the reasons to hate money. Until one day...

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Coming soon...

on Zoom

Despre eveniment

I had all the reasons to hate money. 

My parents hate them too.

I was born in a communist country, so the working man is the production factor that counts, not capital, which corrupts. 

And I was taken to church...

So I learned all the right reasons to hate them.

Until one day, when I stopped.

How about you?

Is now the time for you to stop hating money? 

Come play with me.

Let's change the world together!

What am I signing in for? Each Access® conversation can open an univers un-explored and to explore, filled with not yet imagined possibilities. Step into these universes and explore them in those 90 minutes with Bogdan and various notions and tools of  Access Consciousness®.

Pre-requisites: none

Main language: English (please email us for translation)

Class fee: 200 € 

Your time in the world

How to participate?  Please use this link for ease with payment. For other ways to pay, sign in with your favourite email and you will receive shortly in your inbox all the details (please check the spam/promotion folder also, if necessary).

What will you receive?  Ask questions and you will receive beyond your imagination. We will provide a space of clarity and question, from which to find more of what you know and you didn't even imagine you know. After the call, it will be available for download the audio recording. Taking part in the event is considered approval for visual and audio release. 

How will this take place? The event will be held on Zoom, we invite you to find a comfortable spot, quiet and bright, so we can be able to hear and see each other. To test your gear, or just to say Hi, please join 10 minutes before the top of the hour.  

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