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The Bogdan's Pragmatic Toolbox for Creators

Online | 14 december 2021 | 20:00 CET

Your vision does not have to remain just a dream.

No, it does not have to be hard!

Yes, it can be FUN!

No matter what everybody else chooses it is not wrong for You to have Ease with your Creations!

Would you like some tools for that?

What is it that you have never chosen that if you would choose it, you would open unimagined possibilities?

English: Welcome

On Zoom | 50 € | 90 minutes

How do you join in? Shortly after payment, you'll have the links and all the additional information arrive through email. Join us 15 minutes before start, please.

What will you receive? That depends on what you ask. Ask your questions and you'll receive more than imagined. For sure, you'll receive some tools to practice and take with you, during the 90 minutes webinar, and also the recorded audios will be available in 24 hours. 

Pre-requisites: To have a vision

Main language is English; Slovak Translation provided

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